Thousands of flags placed on graves of soldiers in middle TN for Memorial Day

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Memorial Day is still two days away, several displays honoring our veterans started going up Saturday all around middle Tennessee.

It’s all in an effort to pay tribute to those who have given up so much for our freedom.

It was sea of stars and stripes at Stones River National Battlefield and Cemetery, as thousands of flags are placed proudly at the headstones by local young Americans.

“It’s very important that they know who died for our country for our rights,” says Cubmaster Jason Johnson, of the Murfreesboro Cub Scouts.

While for many kids, Memorial Day may feel like the end of school, the official start of summer, a picnic, or parade Johnson says this is a way to teach his scouts the important value of patriotism.

“The scouts helps keep the scout boys reined in on that, it’s all about duty to country, duty to God, duty to family,” explains Johnson.

And for those wanting to honor loved ones and personal heroes this weekend, the Noon Exchange Club of Murfreesboro is hosting its “Healing Field,” where people can purchase a flag as a way to remember veterans special to them.

The nearly 1,000 flags displayed at First United Methodist Church, a moving sight for those who have served, and those who have not.

“People who have been out here have said this has really been a helpful thing, we call it a ‘Healing Field,’” says Noon Exchange Club President Rebecca Talley. “We’ve had many veterans come out and walk through and salute the flag, and it just brings to mind what they did for our country.”

The flags will be out at both Murfreesboro locations all weekend long.